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Via della Cellulosa 25 - 00166 Rome (Italy)

+39 06 89510717 | info@contechautomation.com


We are the ideal partner for designing and executing innovative and technologically advanced solutions in the field of the Industrial Automation.


Contech offers services that extend from the design and development of software for industrial processes, supervision and control systems, commissioning, technical assistance, preventive and programmed maintenance.

We work in close contact with our clients, offering the best solutions on the market and personalizing them based on our clients’ needs and circumstances, furthermore we commit to assist them at every step of the project.

The experience matured by our technicians in the various industrial automation fields, combined to the profound knowledge of modern technologies, puts us one step ahead of the competition.


We partner with our clients from the early design stages of each project in order to meet the most demanding of requests and to identify the best technologies the market has to offer regarding quality, safety and convenience.

Contech’s experience extends to a wide variety of industries and technology platforms which together with our proven execution methodology ensures a safe, cost-effective and timely project completion with our client’s interest always in first place.


Contech offers a wide range of solutions that span from PLC/DCS programming to full development of supervising and monitoring systems, as well as troubleshooting.


Years of experience in different fields of industrial automation have allowed us to develop and apply different programming techniques, in different languages, so that we can achieve the best results in the least amount of time.


Contech provides full system set-ups and makes sure to take you from the design phase to installation and through to the final parts of production. Furthermore, we guarantee the project’s operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety and information traceability.


Our full-service custom-made solutions, leading technology and practices are tailored to all your automation requirements and environment.


Our level of dedication to responsive and high-quality service and support is a distinguishing factor that sets us aside from our competitors.


Contech’s team experts are on-hand 24/7 as your dedicated partners, in all manners from on-site support up to telephone and remote assistance, and for the entire product lifecycle in order to guarantee minimal downtime and ensure ideal quality maintenance.